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Carom Seeds Green Tea



250 gms



Carom Seeds Green Tea has a fresh taste and soothing aroma. The antioxidants in the leaves keep you healthy and minimize any health problems, stress and weight. The tea has a host of other benefits like reducing anxiety, enhancing metabolism, promoting longevity and boosting mental health.

Health Benefits

  • It boosts immunity
  • It aids in maintaining a healthy heart
  • Helps in lowering cholesterol levels
  • It facilitates weight loss
  • Cleanses and purifies the body of toxins
  • Energy Boos
  • It may help boost your mood and improve mental function.

How to make a perfect cup of Carom seeds Green Tea?

Boil the drinking water and allow it to cool slightly for 2-3 mins, pour the water onto the teabag to release its delicious aroma. Leave the teabag to infuse for up to 2 minutes. If you like a more robust taste you can brew a little longer but watch out, over brewing can cause bitterness. Remove the tea bag and enjoy your deliciously refreshing Casrom seeds Green Tea!

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